A Little Review about Misuchiru

June 29, 2006

Mr.Children (AKA Misuchiru or Michiru) are a J-Rock (Japanese Rock) band.

Mr.Children is one of the most beloved bands in Japan, with millions CD’s selled and a popularity constant in the time.

Mr.Children members are: Kazutoshi Sakurai in vocals, Kenichi Tahara in the Guitar, Keisuke Nakagawa in the Bass Guitar and Hideya Suzuki (Jen) in the drums.


Misc Facts…

Most Selled Album: Atomic Heart and Bolero (3 Millions Certificated)

Most Selled Single: Tomorrow Never Knows and Namonaki Uta (2 Millions Certificated)

Most Loved Videos for the people: Dakishimetai, Kurumi, Youthful Days, and I love you, innocent world, Kimi ga Suki.

A song then never will play again in a tour: Surrender (The lyrics of that song are so souffering, some people killed themselves after listening this song)

About Albums…

Most Fastest Selled Albums: Atomic Heart (2 Months), Bolero (3 Months), Shifuku no Oto (6 months). [at least]

The Best Covers: I LOVE YOU (A very good surrealist work, maded by Kouki Tange and YELLOW BRAIN), Shifuku no Oto (Let’s left the childrens play, Maded by SAMURAI Studio), Q (Another Surrealist Work, but the covers are more alianated).

The Worse Covers: Everything (a happy disk.. who cares about that? xD), VERSUS (Sound in Stereo AHAH), 1992-1995 and 1996-2000 (Really Weird Covers).

About Lyrics…

The love songs: Bolero (Really Beautiful Context), Dakishimetai (it’s a very sweet song), Sign (So young and foolish in love), Hedatari (The woman are a really catchy spiders)
The Optimistic Songs: Yoidon (Maded for a Kids Show), DOOR (It’s so funny).

The Sarcastic Songs: Time Machine ni Notte (I can’t beleve who Sakurai ), So Let’s Get Truth (Another Sarcastic Song).


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