July 10, 2006

First of all, thanks to Ikuni-Web for give this interesting info about the Misuchiru Fan-Club

Mr. Children’s official fanclub is called Mother&Father. There is a application fee of 500 yen and a annual membership fee of 3,000 yen.
Members recieve:

– Key ring and membership card
– Priority ordering for concert tickets
– fanclub magazine 2-3 times a year
– Postcards celebrating the new year [recieved in January] and end of summer [recieved in August]
– Invitations to fan club only events
– Commemorative gift each year you renew membership

*No.7 (December 1994)
*No.8 (Febuary 1995)
*No.9 (April 1995)
*No.10 (June 1995)
*No.11 (August 1995)
*No.12 (October 1995)
*No.13 (December 1995)
*No.14 (Febuary 1996)
*No.15 (March 1996)
*No.16 (August 1996)
*No.17 (December 1996)
*No.18 (May 1997)
*No.19 (August 1997)
*No.20 (Febuary 1998)
*No.21 (May 1998)
*No.22 (October 1998)
*No.23 (January 1999)
*No.24 (April 1999)
*No.25 (September 1999)
*No.26 (January 2000)
*No.27 (April 2000)
*No.28 (September 2000)
*No.29 (January 2001)
*No.30 (April 2001)
*No.31 (September 2001)
*No.32 (December 2001)
*No.33 (April 2002)
*No.34 (August 2002)
*No.35 (January 2003)
*No.36 (June 2003)
*No.37 (October 2003)
*No.38 (December 2003)
*No.39 (April 2004)
*No.40 (August 2004)
*No.41 (December 2004)
*No.42 (April 2005)
*No.43 (September 2005)
*No.44 (January 2006)
*No.45 (April 2006)


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