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Houki Boshi Translate

July 17, 2006

Mr.Children, Houkiboshi (Lyric Translate by Centigrade-J Stuff

Artist: Mr.Children
Title: Houkiboshi (Comet)
Words: Sakurai Kazutoshi
Music: Sakurai Kazutoshi

the sleepless days go on,
my voice gone hoarse
brings down your playful mood
It’s not like I’m exhausted or anything
I struggle to come up with the kindest words I can
you know I’m a tapestry of empty promises, right?
Well I’m gonna use that tapestry to steal the future,
so gimme a hand

I look down out on the city I’m all too familiar with
from the ferris wheel in the old theme park
hey, let’s give a little shout out to the people we were up to today
I found a light in your heart that doesn’t go away
even when I shut my eyes
a comet that gently & silently paints a faint arc
that will stroke your cheek.

I won’t tell you. You already too familiar with it, so I won’t tell you.
the sadness that I speak of will just make more sadness.
I want to know, even still, I want to know
overcome the logical reasons built up around me,
overcome that doldrum
Maybe it’s because I’ve been neglecting to do my stretches lately?
I can’t quite open my heart, it’s clumsy

but, we’re the ones who will shoulder the future, light in the form of man
a comet shining bright that plays with the darkness
can’t find any thign to worry about, don’t fret, let’s go find it
a prayer that lost its way,
that you swore to one day make come true

a light that doesn’t go away, even when I shut my eyes
a prayer left to the night sky.
somewhere out there it shines on, in a place no eyes may lay upon
can’t find anything bad, let’s go looking together
a comet is always gently painting a faint arc
stroking the night
a comet that continues to shine.

Translated By: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma


nerenai hi ga tsuzuite kasureta boku no koe ga
hashaideru kimi no kimochi wo kumoraseta
betsu ni sore hodo tsukarete ya shinai
naruttake yasashii kotoba awatete sagashite miru
kimi ha shitten darou boku no oofuroshiki wo
ima soitsu de mirai wo nusumu kara saa tetsudatte

furui yuuenchi no kanransha kara minareta machi mioroshi
hora kyou made no bokura ni chiisaku e-ru demo okurou ka
me wo tsubutte mo kienai hikari kimi no kokoro ni mitsuketa
sutto yasashiku awaku ko wo egaite hoho wo nadeteiku houkiboshi

oshienai shirisugiteru kara oshienai
kuchi ni dasu kono kanashimi ha tsugi no kanashimi wo umu darou

shiritai sore demo mada mada shiritai
tsumareta rikutsu wo koete sono taikutsu wo koete

saikin sutorrechi wo okotatteru kara ka naa
umaku hirakenain da kokoro ga gikochi nakute

demo ne bokura ha mirai no ninaite hito no katachi shita hikari
kurayami to jyareatte ha mabushiku kirameku houkiboshi
shinpaigoto bakkari mitsukenai de awatenai de sagashiteikou
itsuka kanarazu kanau tte kimekonde rotou ni mayotta inori

me wo tsubutte mo kienai hikari yozora ni takushita inori
kyou mo dokoka de hikatteru dare no me ni mo furenai basho de
warui koto bakari mitsukenai de bokura issho ni sagasou
zutto yasashiku awaku ko wo egaite yoru wo nadeteiku houkiboshi
hikaritsuzukeru houkiboshi

Romaji By: Brian Stewart



July 10, 2006

First of all, thanks to Ikuni-Web for give this interesting info about the Misuchiru Fan-Club

Mr. Children’s official fanclub is called Mother&Father. There is a application fee of 500 yen and a annual membership fee of 3,000 yen.
Members recieve:

– Key ring and membership card
– Priority ordering for concert tickets
– fanclub magazine 2-3 times a year
– Postcards celebrating the new year [recieved in January] and end of summer [recieved in August]
– Invitations to fan club only events
– Commemorative gift each year you renew membership

*No.7 (December 1994)
*No.8 (Febuary 1995)
*No.9 (April 1995)
*No.10 (June 1995)
*No.11 (August 1995)
*No.12 (October 1995)
*No.13 (December 1995)
*No.14 (Febuary 1996)
*No.15 (March 1996)
*No.16 (August 1996)
*No.17 (December 1996)
*No.18 (May 1997)
*No.19 (August 1997)
*No.20 (Febuary 1998)
*No.21 (May 1998)
*No.22 (October 1998)
*No.23 (January 1999)
*No.24 (April 1999)
*No.25 (September 1999)
*No.26 (January 2000)
*No.27 (April 2000)
*No.28 (September 2000)
*No.29 (January 2001)
*No.30 (April 2001)
*No.31 (September 2001)
*No.32 (December 2001)
*No.33 (April 2002)
*No.34 (August 2002)
*No.35 (January 2003)
*No.36 (June 2003)
*No.37 (October 2003)
*No.38 (December 2003)
*No.39 (April 2004)
*No.40 (August 2004)
*No.41 (December 2004)
*No.42 (April 2005)
*No.43 (September 2005)
*No.44 (January 2006)
*No.45 (April 2006)


A Little Review about Misuchiru

June 29, 2006

Mr.Children (AKA Misuchiru or Michiru) are a J-Rock (Japanese Rock) band.

Mr.Children is one of the most beloved bands in Japan, with millions CD’s selled and a popularity constant in the time.

Mr.Children members are: Kazutoshi Sakurai in vocals, Kenichi Tahara in the Guitar, Keisuke Nakagawa in the Bass Guitar and Hideya Suzuki (Jen) in the drums.


Misc Facts…

Most Selled Album: Atomic Heart and Bolero (3 Millions Certificated)

Most Selled Single: Tomorrow Never Knows and Namonaki Uta (2 Millions Certificated)

Most Loved Videos for the people: Dakishimetai, Kurumi, Youthful Days, and I love you, innocent world, Kimi ga Suki.

A song then never will play again in a tour: Surrender (The lyrics of that song are so souffering, some people killed themselves after listening this song)

About Albums…

Most Fastest Selled Albums: Atomic Heart (2 Months), Bolero (3 Months), Shifuku no Oto (6 months). [at least]

The Best Covers: I LOVE YOU (A very good surrealist work, maded by Kouki Tange and YELLOW BRAIN), Shifuku no Oto (Let’s left the childrens play, Maded by SAMURAI Studio), Q (Another Surrealist Work, but the covers are more alianated).

The Worse Covers: Everything (a happy disk.. who cares about that? xD), VERSUS (Sound in Stereo AHAH), 1992-1995 and 1996-2000 (Really Weird Covers).

About Lyrics…

The love songs: Bolero (Really Beautiful Context), Dakishimetai (it’s a very sweet song), Sign (So young and foolish in love), Hedatari (The woman are a really catchy spiders)
The Optimistic Songs: Yoidon (Maded for a Kids Show), DOOR (It’s so funny).

The Sarcastic Songs: Time Machine ni Notte (I can’t beleve who Sakurai ), So Let’s Get Truth (Another Sarcastic Song).